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Argentina & Chile -Full Patagonia Adventure - Trekking

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Length15 Days / 14 Nights
El Calafate
El Chalten
Fitz Roy Mount
Hiking in Patagonia
Perito Moreno Glacier
Torres del Paine


Explorers, trekkers, and those who want to experience some of the world’s great natural wonders - Tierra del Fuego, Straights of Magellan, glaciers, ice caves, and the one of a kind Moreno Glacier – join us!

  • Day 1: Arrive El Calafate
  • Day 2: Bus to El Chaltén - Camp Poincenot
  • Day 3: Cerro Fitz Roy, Laguna de los Tres
  • Day 4: Cerro Torre- El Chalten
  • Day 5: El Chalten-Loma de Pliegue Tumbado
  • Day 6: El Chalten - El Calafate
  • Day 7: El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Day 8: El Calafate - Torres del Paine National Park
  • Day 9: Paine Towers - Ascensio River Valley
  • Day 10: Lake Pehoe Crossing - French Valley
  • Day 11: Lake Grey and Glacier
  • Day 12: Puerto Natales - Río Grande
  • Day 13: Río Grande - Ushuaia -Tierra del Fuego National Park
  • Day 14: Ushuaia - Beagle Channel Boat Trip
  • Day 15: Depart Ushuaia - Ushuaia Airport
Day 1: Arrive El Calafate
After arrival in Calafate airport, you will be picked up and taken to check in at your hotel. You will have the rest of the day to enjoy the town and surrounding areas. Later you will have a welcome dinner.

Lodging is in a lodge or Hostel room with shared bathroom.
Day 2: Bus to El Chaltén - Camp Poincenot
After breakfast we take our bus for the 220 km long drive to El Chaltén, a small and picturesque village at the foot of Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre massif. We make a stop half way to enjoy local pastries and hot coffee. Once in El Chaltén, we start our trek. We carry in our packs only the necessary items for these 2 nights and 3 days in which we’ll overnight in our Full Camps inside the National Park. What we don’t need is left behind at our office and you will find it back at your accommodation when we arrive back to El Chaltén on day 4. We hike up a gentle slope on Fitz Roy trail to gain height over the River de las Vueltas valley up to the first viewpoints over Fitz Roy massif, which we will first spot after a couple of hours walking. From these first viewpoints, another 2 hours of gentle walking across bogs and forests take us to our camp, from where we will enjoy a spectacular view of all the Fitz Roy group spires rising from the surrounding glaciers.

Lodging: Full Camp
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner

Full Camps are pitched up early in the season, so we find the camp ready upon arrival. It offers comfortable igloo type tents for 1 or 2 passengers, with insulation mat and sleeping bags. The camp also features a spacious dinning tent, a kitchen tent, tables, benches or chairs and a full set of table service and kitchenware. The sanitary services are latrine-type (rural area).

Hike to Laguna Capri. 3.5 Miles
Altitude El Chalten: 404 meters above sea level
Altitude Laguna Capri: 700 meters above sea level
Elevation: 300 meters
Walking time: 3 hours
Day 3: Cerro Fitz Roy, Laguna de los Tres
Early in the morning, before the first coffee, we can try to match up the morning light getting pink in Fitz Roy granite walls. You only need this to feel the trip is worthwhile. But of course the day offers much more.
After breakfast, carrying only day personal items such as our parka, gloves, our camera, water bottle and box lunch, we hike along Fitz Roy trail up to Rio Blanco, climbers basecamp to the east side of the mountain. From here a steep 1 hour trail leads us to one of the most spectaculars viewpoints of the National Park: Laguna de los Tres, with its zephyr blue color, lies at the foot of the massif, offering full close up views of Fitz Roy massif spires and glaciers. Each wall raises something from 600 to 1500 mts above the surrounding glaciers. Fitz Roy, with its 3405 mts above sea level, is considered the “King of Patagonia” and also considered one of the three most beautiful mountains on Earth (together with Alpamayo in Perú and K2 in the Karakoram). We hike back to our camp in the late afternoon. Walking time is 5 to 6 hs.

Lodging: Full Camp
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner

Hike Fitz Roy Trail to Laguna de Los Tres: 11 miles roundtrip
Altitude Laguna de Los Tres: 1170 Meters above sea level
Elevation: 1070 meters from Camp Poincenot
Walking time: 5 to 6 hours.
Day 4: Cerro Torre- El Chalten
Today we walk south along Lagoons Madre and Hija Valley and down to Fitz Roy river valley, where we meet Cerro Torre trail. The trail runs along beech forest, bogs and shrubland and leads to Laguna Torre, enclosed by moraines and with Glacier Grande calving in its west side. It is usual to see icebergs pushed by the wind in the coast of the lagoon. The thin and elegant 3128 mts of Cerro Torre group and the Adela range in the background complete this spectacular view. In the afternoon we hike back to El Chalten along Cerro Torre trail.

Lodging: Lodge
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch

Hike Camp Poincenot – Laguna Torre – El Chalten: 13 miles roundtrip
Altitude Laguna Torre: 634 meters Above sea level
Elevation: 234 meters
Walking time: 7 to 8 hours.
Day 5: El Chalten-Loma de Pliegue Tumbado
This mountain, 1500 mts tall, is located immediately south of Cerro Torre valley and offers some of the best views over the different group of mountains, glaciers and lakes that features the area. From the lower terraces to the summit, you can get spectacular views of Fitz Roy, Torre and the spectacular glacier valley in between both. From the summit the bonus is the sight of Paso del Viento and some of the mountains that stick out from the Patagonian Icefield. According to the group capacity, we choose the lower terraces or try the summit, a long but gentle climb in scree. The lower part of the mountain is covered by shrubland and forest. We are back in Chalten by late afternoon.

Accommodation: Lodge
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch

Hike El Chalten – Loma del Pliegue Tumbado: 6 miles.
Altitude Loma del Pliegue: 1298 meters above sea level.
Elevation: 894 meters.
Walking time: 7 to 8 hours.
Day 6: El Chalten - El Calafate
This day is at leisure to visit the town or to go on optional excursions around the area. In the late afternoon, we return to El Calafate.

Lodging: Lodge
Provided meals: Breakfast

Optional excursion recommended: Viedma Ice Trek. (This excursion is not included in the program).
Day 7: El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier
We dedicate this day to one of the World’s Natural Wonder: the Moreno glacier. This ice field- type glacier flows down from the Patagonian Icefield, a big sheet of ice that with its 22.000 square kilometers is the third largest glacier area in the world, after Antarctica (14 M sq km) and Greenland (1 M sq km). Because unusual favorable local conditions, this glacier is the only one in the world that shows a closure and rupture process. The road leads to the very front of the glacier, which will be only meters away from your eyes. The roar of the chunks of ice falling inside the glacier or from the glacier into the lake, the frequent collapse of the front seracs into the turquoise water, makes out of this day a very special and unique experience. We will drive 80 km (1 and a half hour) to get to the glacier across the steppe, watching a wide variety of birds.

Accommodation: Lodge
Provided meals: Breakfast

Optional excursion recommended: Safari Nautico – Boat trip in The Tempanos channel. (This excursion is not included in the program). or MINITREK available upon request with addition cost.
Day 8: El Calafate - Torres del Paine National Park
Early start for a 6 hs drive to our camp in Paine. We drive across the steppe, still following by parts the legendary route 40, to get around Sierra de los Baguales, an impressive range in between Calafate and Paine. We cross the Argentinean Chilean border at Cancha Carrera/ Cerro Castillo. After the border crossing, we start our final sprint to Paine National Park, World Heritage by the UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization). Approaching the Park, we start to see the different mountains that feature the area: Paine Grande, the Horns, Admiral Nieto and the Towers. Once we entered the Park, we go for a short 1 to 2 hs walk to get familiar with the landscape, the wind and the rich wildlife: guanacos, lesser rheas, condors and all types of wetland and buzzard birds will be available for our eyes and cameras. Also lots of flowers. Back in the bus, we reach our camp at the foot of Paine massif.

Accommodation: Full Camp
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner

Full Camps are pitched up early in the season, so we find the camp ready upon arrival. It offers comfortable igloo type tents for 1 or 2 passengers, with insulation mat and sleeping bags. The camp also features a spacious dinning tent, a kitchen tent, tables, benches or chairs and a full set of table service and kitchenware (area with sanitary services).

Altitude Las Torres Full Camp: 100 meters above sea level
Walking time: 1 to 2 hours.
Day 9: Paine Towers - Ascensio River Valley
Early in the morning we start walking towards the bridge over the Ascensio river, headtrail for the world famous Paine towers. We "warm up" hiking a steep one hour slope, to get inside the valley itself, a narrow "V" shape alpine valley coming from inside the Paine massif. A gentle downhill leads us to Refugio Chileno, a cozy and comfortable mountain lodge, which can be a good turnaround point for those not willing to make a full day hike. We then walk in a gentle slope along the river side and inside beech forest. A final climb on moraine take us to the Towers viewpoint: a glacier origin lagoon and the three towers rising vertically 1000 mts from the glacier. The lack of breath will be either because the climb and the sight!!!! We go back to our camp on the same way we came.

Accommodation: Full Camp
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner

Hike to Refugio Chileno: 4 miles round trip (4 hours walking)
Hike to Las Torres: 11 miles round trip (8 hours walking)
Altitude Las Torres foot: 866 meters above sea level
Elevation: 766 meters from Camp Las Torres
Walking time: 7 to 8 hs.
Day 10: Lake Pehoe Crossing - French Valley
Early in the morning a 1 h drive takes us to Port Pudeto to board the catamaran that crosses lake Pehoe. Once at the far side of the lake, we set out to the French Valley trail. The trail skirts Paine Grande south slopes and lake Skottberg, to take us after 2 hs and a half of continuous ups and downs, to the hanging bridge upon the French River. This breathtaking location is at the foot of both the 2700 mts south east face of Paine Grande (to the west) and the Horns, with its characteristic black sedimentary topping, to the east. We continue walking 1 h further by Italian camp to reach breathtaking viewpoints over the area. After lunch and photos we retrace our steps back to the port, where we sail back and drive to camp.

Accommodation: Full Camp
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner

Hike up French Valley: 11 miles round trip
Altitude Pehoe Refuge Full Camp: 100 Meters above sea level.
Altitude French Valley: 763 meters above sea level. (Intermediate viewpoints).
Elevation French Valley: 663 meters from Pehoe Refuge
Walking time: 5 to 6 hs.
Day 11: Lake Grey and Glacier
Today we say good bye to this iconic National Park. We drive towards the southwest side of it, to visit Lake Grey shores and to see Paine Grande western slopes and peaks. The drive takes around 2 hs stopping by for short walks and pictures, before arriving to the lake. Once there we spend 1 to 2 hs walking its southern shore which is one of the most beautiful spots in the area. Early in the afternoon we start our drive down south to our accommodation in Puerto Natales, a picturesque fishermen town located in the shores of the Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope) fiord.

Accommodation: Lodge
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch

Walking time to Grey Lake Shore: 1 to 2 hs.
Walking time to Los Cuernos Viewpoint: 30 minutes.
Day 12: Puerto Natales - Río Grande
Long drive today, though quite worthwhile. We continue south to reach the legendary Magellan Strait, which we will keep on sight up to Primera Angostura, where we board the Ferry in which we will cross the Strait. This Pass, discovered by Hernando de Magallanes in 1520, was the natural and logical way to all vessels until de Panama Channel was open at the beginning of the XXth century. You will find yourselves wondering how those brave men dare to sail those waters in such fragile caravels!!!
Once in Tierra del Fuego (literally, Land of Fire, due to the fires seen by the first white sailors in the coast, done by the local Indians to cook and heat) we enter back Argentina through Paso San Sebastián. A couple more of hours to reach Estancia Las Hijas, where a lamb cooked in the classical Patagonian barbecue style will be waiting for us. A dinning saloon, toilettes and showers are available tonight.

Accommodation: Bed in refuge
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner
Day 13: Río Grande - Ushuaia -Tierra del Fuego National Park
After breakfast we visit the estancia and by mid-morning we continue south to visit Lake Fagnano in the middle of Andes Mountains, to continue to our last destination: Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the World. In the afternoon we continue to Tierra del Fuego National Park. This National Park is in the south west corner of the Argentinean side of the Island, thus in the border with Chile. The main attraction of the Park and the whole Island actually are the mountains coming down to the sea.

Accommodation: Lodge
Provided meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch

Walking time: 2 to 3 hs
Day 14: Ushuaia - Beagle Channel Boat Trip
After breakfast we walk to the touristic pier and get on board to our boat trip in the legendary Beagle Channel. We visit Alicia Island where we will watch a colony of Sea Lions, the Island of Birds where we can see Cormorants and the Light House Les Eclaireurs built by 1919. We get back to the port while we watch the Darwin range to the West and the Andes above Ushuaia. The afternoon is at leisure.

Accommodation: Lodge
Provided meals: Breakfast

Optional excursion recommended: Estancia Harberton with Penguin colony. (This excursion is not included in the program).
Day 15: Depart Ushuaia - Ushuaia Airport
Morning at your own to visit the town, which is located in the north coast of the Beagle channel. The town features interesting museums and its typical architecture. In the afternoon we are transferred to Ushuaia airport to take our flight to Buenos Aires. Our services end at the airport.

Accommodation: None
Provided meals: Breakfast


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Judith traveled to Argentina & Chile in 2014
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Patricia & Brian
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Hiking to the top of Huyana Pichu (suggested by Analia)...a once in a lifetime experience.
Navigating the back walking trails of Easter Island on our own...it reminded us that there are still some unspoiled places in the world (with no cell service!).

We would love to have been able to stay in Peru longer and visited some other areas, there is so much to do! We are definately planning another trip back in the future.
Would also book more flights on South and Central American airlines versus United or other US airlines. Flights on LAN and Taca were comfortable and had nice, friendly service...reminded us of what flying used to be like!

Patricia & Brian traveled to PERU & CHILE in SEPTEMBER 2012


Price per person, shared basis in Hostel and camps or B&B INN. DEPARTURE EVERY SATURDAY from Oct to April. Low Season departures Oct 3, Oct 10 and Oct 17th 2020. Hight Season from Oct 24th to Feb 27th 2021 included. Ask for special departure discounts.


  • Bilingual tour leader during all the activities
  • Mountain guides while on trek.
  • Moreno Glacier excursion.
  • Lake Pehoe boat trips (in and out).
  • Beagle channel boat trip.
  • All transfers El Calafate airport - El Calafate - El Chalten - El Calafate - Torres del Paine -Puerto Natales - Río Grande - Ushuaia - Ushuaia Airport
  • During the trip we combine private and regular buses.
  • Lodging: 8 nights at Hostel; 5 nights at Full Camp + 1 night at Estancia in shared rooms.
  • 14 breakfasts, 11 boxed lunches and 10 dinners as detailed


  • Entrance fees to National Parks
  • Medical & Life Insurance
  • Tips
  • Drinks and Beverages (all meals are offered without alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks)
  • Domestic & International flights or airport taxes
  • Optional Excursions
  • Port /airport tax in Ushuaia or Calafate
  • Services NOT shown or detailed in the program.


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